Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse

350 SEL
104.310 km

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse 350 SEL

Do you think today's cars are more comfortable than ever? Think again. 44 years ago Mercedes perfectly knew already what it takes to make a car floating, rather than it’s driving.
This beautifully maintained, original 1975 Mercedes-Benz S-Class 350 SEL is 100% built to relax. That uncompromising character is exactly what makes this classic Benz so special. Not to mention the sublime condition of this specific one! You’re invited to experience the feeling of a real time machine; perhaps the most comfortable ever!

History & condition

In 2001 the German built limousine crossed the border and settled in the Netherlands. Car and country are linked to each other ever since. We can say the same about the former (Dutch) owner; the only one since the S-Class set wheels on the Dutch ground!
One look at the timelessly beautiful, silver bodywork and you’re convinced about the amount of care the car has been handled with through the past years. The lacquer and chrome totally shine the way it’s meant to be. There’s no rust at all. And also the interior is absolutely spotless; just wow! Besides that it’s completely original: even the Becker Mexico radio / cassette player is still intact. Speaking of classics...

Design & luxury

The star among the saloons excels in simplicity and elegance. The graceful design of the extended 4-door evokes nostalgic Silver Arrow emotions. However, the iconic Mercedes isn’t designed to perform on the circuit. The more on public roads; luxury items such as electric windows and an electric adjustable sunroof are rule rather than exception for the 1975 S-Class. That also goes for this exceptional 350 SEL version of course.
But the most brilliant thing about the big Benz is its driving characteristics. Well, driving… The royal S moves its passengers more like a flying carpet. And it feels surprisingly pure and natural. A relief compared to modern top-class sedans! Totally relaxing is the space you have on the second row; in the SEL version with XXL wheelbase that’s more like sitting in the front row. Finally there’s a good reason to hand over the wheel to a chauffeur.


The S-Class 350 SEL is powered by a 3.5 liter V8 (M116) engine with a maximum power of 200 hp on the rear wheels. The deliciously smooth 8-cylinder is linked to a 3-speed automatic transmission. From 1973-1980 in total 4,266 350 SEL’s were built. How many of them are still in great shape, we honestly don’t know. But who cares if this one could be yours?

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Electric rear windows
Electric front windows
Sliding roof