4.0 V8
Factory Color
18.955 km


After a short ride in this original Dutch delivered, beautiful and barely driven (only 18.955 km!) 1994 MG RV8, we’ve come to the following conclusion: who ever thought of putting an 8-cylinder engine in front of a compact cabriolet is either a real genius or completely crazy. What we think? Well, we wouldn’t say the manufacturer has lost his mind, so…


From the outside the MG RV8 looks quite similar to the MGB: its predecessor and classic among the roadsters. Nevertheless, the car shares only 5% of all the ‘B’ materials. After the Japanese introduced their interpretation of the lightweight open 2-seater configuration in 1989 – which is of course the immense popular Mazda MX-5 - the British decided to reincarnate the MG. Excited as they were, they exchanged the original 4-cylinder for a very big 3.9 liter Rover V8 producing 190 hp. In contrast to its Asian rival, the RV8 was built in a (very) limited edition: only 2,000 of them left the factory gates. Ironically, most of the MG’s were manufactured in Mazda’s home country. 330 RV8’s were destined for the UK. In the end, hundreds more found their way to England after many were imported by British enthusiasts. The car was also very popular in Australia.


At Prins we have number 960 in our possession: perhaps the most beautiful of them all. And not just because it’s ours; imagine how hard it is to find another RV8 in this magnificent condition and with such a low mileage! The (hi)story tells us how this gorgeous RV8 has remained so beautiful after all these years. The first owner, a Dutchman, got his green colored gem on 21 October 1994. The man obviously was overwhelmed by British charms, since it turned out that he couldn’t handle a right-hand drive car at all. As a result, he hardly drove it. But saying the MG goodbye just wasn’t an option. Never. Crazy in love…
After his death in 2007, the RV8 was left for his wife. However, she refused to drive with it. A few years ago the son inherited the British sports car from his parents. Luckily he knew how to handle it; by far the biggest part of the kilometers (13,000) were driven by “the next generation”.

Condition & upholstery

The former owner, a genuine fan, took care of the condition of the car afterwards. In collaboration with a specialist called Imparts from Ede (the Netherlands), the classic has been maintained thoroughly. Most of the modifications were technical. The green soft-top has also been replaced last year though. The result is amazing, especially in combination with the sparkling British Racing Green lacquer on the elegant bodywork. Not to mention the super chic interior, including Stone Beige Connolly leather upholstery and various parts finished with veneered burr elm woodwork. Wow, we guess the majestic 8-cylinder fits the characteristic classic after all.

Kind regards,
Prins Classics