MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper

Sports Pack | Orig NL | Top cond.
Factory Color
128.296 km

Mini Cooper Morello Cherry Red

This awesome Mini is so tasty you want to eat it immediately! Of course, it helps that the dark red paintwork is called Morello Cherry Red. After all, it sounds delicious. But that’s not just all. This proper Cooper is original Dutch delivered, it has had 2 owners and is perfectly maintained. In addition, this popular version has an electric soft top and a highly desirable Sport Pack. Now you might think it doesn’t get any better than this. But it does! Because the white roof topping, mirrors and striping are the ultimate icing on the cake. Hmmmm...


Originally the small classic was delivered new by former Rover dealer Boom in Hoofddorp. At Boom’s the Mini could count on regular maintenance every year until 2003. From then on Van den Dool, also former Rover dealer, took over the service for the next 3 years. The frequent maintenance has lasted for the past 12 years, but due to the low mileage, the intervals increased. Fortunately, the Mini never had to compromise on the quality of service. Mini specialist Bert van Leeuwen, for example, took care of the little rebel in 2013 and 2015. The Little Car Company, how suitable, followed in 2017. Proof of 'good behavior' can be found in the official documentation which is included.


The optional Sport Pack reinforces the great character of the Mini Cooper. Figuratively, but also literally thanks to the sturdy fender extensions: they offer space for the characteristic GB spoke wheels with extra wide tires.
In addition to the white accents we mentioned earlier, the charming “hot hatch” can be recognized by the double pinstripes, drawn from the headlights all the way up to the Mini Cooper logo above the rear wheels on both sides. The four big round lights on the chromed front bumper unveil the enormous potential of the compact Briton; a lack of light should of course not be a mood breaker if the Mini is tossed and throwed into one corner after another in the dark at high speed. Because if there’s one thing this Cooper is extremely good at...


The minimalist interior is remarkably luxurious, referring to the black leather upholstery finished with beautifully contrasting Stond Beige piping. The leather sports steering wheel looks and feels very mature and sporty. The - very British - walnut wood dashboard is super chic. The contrast couldn’t possibly be greater in this Mini. It makes the car even more tasteful…
The pinnacle is the electrically adjustable folding roof. Since it’s in particular tempting to take the pretty Mini out with sunny weather, it really seems like they already knew 20 years ago where it would go eventually with this born classic. What can we say? It feels good to be right.

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Airbag driver
Electric sunnroof
Wooden interior trim
Leather interior
Alloy wheels
Metal color
Radio/CD player