Morgan Plus 8

Morgan Plus 8

Plus 8
3.9 V8
45.754 km

Driving is all that matters at the small British manufacturer called Morgan Motor Company. According to them, four wheels, a steering wheel, three pedals and a sleek carriage is all you need to experience ultimate driving pleasure. And fun it is. Especially when the model is called ‘Plus 8’, and is just as gorgeous as this particular one…


This sublime Morgan Plus 8 was delivered new in Germany in March ’93. Morgan specialist Booij brought the car to the Netherlands back in ’99, and sold the convertible in 2004 to the former owner, whom was an unadulterated Morgan lover. Indeed, it shows off! The immaculate paintwork of this Plus 8 really is stunning. As well as the characteristic and dazzlingly beautiful "Wire Wheels" with their shiny spokes.
Only 45.750 kilometers were driven so far. In 23 years time! Too precious to drive, perhaps? Yes and no. The Morgan looks so incredibly tight, we can imagine the previous owner wanted to keep it that way. Nevertheless, we recommend you to get the car out of the garage once in a while anyway. After all, the Plus 8 is a great car to look at – thanks to its impeccable condition – but really: driving is even more fun!


Open the Morgan dictionary and you won’t find the word ‘compromise’. "What you see is what you get." It's that simple. Instead of pleasing the average driver by adding some luxury, the English remained true to their belief that ‘feeling united with the car’ is all that counts when releasing the power on the road. The builders don’t care in which year we live in, as long as their splendid piece of engineering brings a huge smile on your face. That’s timeless. And all that matters. It also explains the minimalistic character and the total lack of comfort. If you’re looking for purity, this is the car you want!
The genuine philosophy of the authentic pioneers from Malvern (Worcestershire) already exists over a 100 years. Their uniqueness has resulted in a big crowd of loyal fans. They helped to survive the charming brand in difficult times.

Model background

The Morgan Plus 8 is considered as one of the – if not the most important model in the history of the brand. Basically it is a developed version of the car which the manufacturer produced before World War II. The Plus 8 is almost for half a century on the market now and may definitely be considered as an icon, emerged from 58 years of British craftsmanship and endless passion for unadulterated driving. It’s not going to be any purer than this!

Curious? You are cordially invited to visit our Classics showroom in the Netherlands, where you can find out this outstandingly great car all by yourself. There’s only one condition though: if you want to drive it, the weather should be good, otherwise the Morgan will not come out. That's a promise we have to keep!

Kind regards,
Prins Classics.