Porsche 911

Porsche 911

930 3.3 Turbo
155.536 km

Porsche 911 930 3.3 Turbo.

This sensationally beautiful, deep black Porsche 911 3.3 Turbo - also known as ‘930’ - is a genuine classic. It’s the absolute pinnacle of the original 911 series; a car with the looks, the feel and even the smell of the late 70s/80s. You’re looking at pure nostalgia; the fundament of a unique driving experience!


The Turbo on your screen is originally delivered in Germany on 21 April 1988, and has had 3 owners ever since. The second and last owner were both Dutch. It took 9 years before the 911 crossed the border to Holland. In 1997, owner number two decided that that’s the place the Porsche belongs to. The man was right. In 2016 the car came into the hands of the former owner, also a Dutchman.


The history tells us that the 930 has had no serious damages in the past at all. Maintenance invoices go all the way back to 2001, general periodic inspection reports are available since 2000 (expiration date 22-06-2018). On top of that, the original (German) user manual of Gemini is included as well.
During the period 2001-2010, ABS Zwolle – later known as Theo Jansen Sportscars – took care of the classic. From 2011 until 2016, Porsche Service Rispens was responsible for the maintenance of this 911. Owner Riemer Rispens was chef-engineer at Theo Jansen for 25 years before starting his own company in 2011. Knowing this, it’s very likely that the person who has been working on the 3.3 Turbo for the last 20 years, is one and the same. Truly unique.

Technology & Design:

The Porsche 911 is a born icon. Its characteristic silhouette, technique and finishes make every generation an unadulterated driving machine. No matter how much evolved the car is, even a blind person can recognize the outstanding qualities of a 911 in no time; three numbers which sound like music to the ears of lots of fans from all over the globe.
This 3.3 Turbo from 1988 is like the cherry on the cake for many 'traditional' 911 fans. The rear-wheel drive supercar is based on the original, while the air-cooled flat-6 engine with turbocharger is driven to the utmost. A combination that causes an astonishing driving experience.

The king of the 911 classic range distinguishes itself with numerous exterior features, including the widened “hips” and of course the huge "whale tail" rear spoiler that also gives space to the intercooler. Modifications we still find on today’s turbocharged Porsche 911's. However, nothing beats the original... Right?
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