Porsche 911

Porsche 911

993 Carrera Coupé , 15.296km !
15.296 km

An absolute rarity: this stunning Porsche 993 Carrera Coupe has driven 15.296 kilometers in 22 years, has had only one owner and looks like it has just left the factory! The documentation, but also the sublime condition prove this beautiful Porsche is exceptional in many ways.

History & condition

It all began in 1994: the moment when the 911 was delivered new in Japan. Looking at the magnificent shape of this unique car, this must be the ideal destination for the Carrera Coupe. The exterior, the interior, as well as several essential parts give you the feeling you’re staring at a completely new car. The steering wheel for example, looks like it has never been touched before. In other words, except that the Porsche has an extremely low mileage, it’s also taken care of with the greatest precision. That’s why this beautiful sports car truly is a collector’s item!


The timeless silver bodywork of the German legend is phenomenal and almost as pristine as a brand new vehicle. The famous 911 design contours, with its relatively upright windshield and strong sloping roofline, are just as pure as the original from 1964. That’s one of the reasons why the 993 nowadays is considered by many fans as the last true, traditional Porsche.
Other visual characteristics are the flamboyant curves and sporty lines; recognizable by the striking rear with its broad hips. But also the famous round headlights, with the city lights and turn signals integrated in a separate unit into the front bumper, are typical 911 features.


Inside, it’s also tradition all the way. The authentic 911 dashboard, with five clocks positioned next to each other, is very Spartan; functional, but sober. You can see the main target of this car in a blink of an eye: pure driving pleasure.
This Carrera Coupe has light gray leather upholstery and electric front seats. Some fine options, but more importantly: everything looks, feels and smells like new. The steering wheel as well as the leather and even the controls show no signs of use at all. Once seated in this astonishing Porsche, it’s like time has stood still. Relive the 90s in the best way!


Underneath the 22 year old icon is just as perfect as it is from the inside and outside. The 993 is the last 911 with an air-cooled six-cylinder boxer engine. This boxer is linked to a Tiptronic automatic transmission and easy to recognize due to its characteristic Porsche sound. That’s why this particular 911 is the last one of what we call a very special era!
We can’t emphasize enough that this amazing Carrera Coupe is really one of a kind. In terms of mileage, but also in terms of condition. Add to this the original and reliable technique where the 'classy' 993 is known for, and a unique driving experience is guaranteed, An offer many genuine 911 fans can’t resist. Can you?
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Airbag driver
Climate control
Electric adjustable front seat
Leather furnishing
Originele radio