Porsche 911

Porsche 911

Carrera 3.2 Coupé | Top condition!
167.539 km

Porsche 911 930 Carrera

The original, giant “Whale Tail” Turbo spoiler on the back of this 930 suggests that it’s the notorious "Widowmaker" from Porsche. But luckily for the ladies, the brilliantly looking and driving (!) Porsche 911 Carrera is a lot more forgiving. Even though the classic sports coupe still is a spectacular drift king! Specially for the genuine fans, the original Carrera bonnet is included as well, so there can be no misunderstanding about the identity of the 930 with matching numbers.
Speaking of true fans: you probably already noticed the roll cage too. And again the Porsche turns out to be less hardcore than you might expect: the roll cage is not welded, but removable instead. Your partner must be very happy about that, since it will be less inviting to constantly kiss the floor with the right pedal. However…


The German beauty was American delivered at first. Only 2 owners on the other side of the Atlantic have fully enjoyed the unadulterated sports car character of the classic 911. Until San Francisco was exchanged for Belgium in 2008. In total the Porsche had 3 owners and was given lots of good service, which explains the immaculate white gear.
There’s much to tell about the 930 Carrera, looking at a bookwork of invoices from the USA. Good news: this book only contains things that makes you happy. Just like the car itself.

Interior & exterior

The spotless white lacquer was already mentioned briefly. However, the whole body of the legendary Porsche is in superb condition. The ultimate sports car from Germany is a true icon. And this specific one certainly shows why. The unmistakable profile, timeless design and many powerful details; there’s no way you can ignore this gorgeous 930.
A little bit of contrast won’t hurt, though. In addition to the black contours on the Turbo spoiler, both bumpers and sill strips, you’ll find the contrasting color in the heart of the iconic Fuchs rims. A fine combination. Black is also the leather interior; almost a tradition for Porsche. Lucky for them we like traditions... That this Carrera takes its job very serious, is completely clear thanks to the Momo sport steering wheel. Maybe you should consider leaving the roll cage in it anyway…


Fortunately for those who will not treat the beautiful Porsche as museum art, the car drives the same as it looks: sublime and with lots of character. The 3.2 liter 6-cylinder boxer engine at the back is the real deal: air-cooled. This automatically means that the natural, untamed engine rumble is included. Just like rear-wheel drive, by the way. Classic Porsche engine + rear-wheel drive = pure driving pleasure! And hopefully, one day your partner will thank you for having the 911 Carrera too.

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