Porsche 911

Porsche 911

Carrera S
154.216 km

Porsche 911 993 Carrera S Tiptronic

Looking at this perfectly-maintained and cherished 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera S, we get mixed feelings. In fact, this car is exceptional in many ways. First, the Porsche is both optically and technically in stunningly beautiful shape. Second, you might not expect this from an immense popular model like the 911, but only a small number has been produced of this version during the '97 and '98 model years.
Add to this the excellent overall condition of the car, and we honestly don’t know whether we must drive this unique 993 or just leave it the way it is, to make sure the classic stays completely impeccable. Because we surely don’t want to mess around with a great investment object like the Porsche. However, the longer we wait, the more greedy we become. What would you do?


The story of this collector's item began over 20 years ago: on April 21, 1997, the Carrera S left the showroom of Porsche Zentrum Erfurt in Germany for the very first time. Exactly 10 years later, the third and former owner imported the 911 into the Netherlands, in order to stay there for ten years, with one and the same person. Someone who really appreciated the Porsche and gave it all the attention it needed.
The required stamped maintenance books plus a whole lot of invoices show that each of the three former owners took care of the car very seriously and precisely. The last service dates from September 10, 2014, and was done by APP, located in Weesp. That may seem a long time ago, but it actually isn’t, knowing that the 993 only has driven 6,000 kilometers ever since…


The non-metallic paintwork (A1) shines bright like a black diamond. In addition, the Carrera S distinguishes itself by numerous optical finesses. For example, the body has been lowered fractionally. At the front, the difference with the normal Carrera is 10 mm, at the back it’s even 20 mm. But the biggest difference you’ll find in the width of the hips. The sides of the rear are 60 mm further apart from each other; the same as the Carrera 4S and Turbo versions at that time.
On top of that, this 911 has more prominent side skirts, a titanium-colored “S” in the type designation on the hood, and hub caps in the rims with the Porsche weapon represented in color instead of black, like the Carrera has. An absolutely unique feature of the Carrera S is the rear spoiler with a two-part air grid, painted in body color. No other version of the 993 has this gorgeous characteristic. This specific car is also provided with the optional 18 inch Turbo rims – known for the “hollow” spokes, an electrical sunroof and xenon headlights.


The clean Porsche interior is decorated with black leather upholstery on the seats, door panels and dashboard. Latter contains no less than five analog clocks, with the rev-counter including white Carrera S logo in the middle. In the small tunnel console, you’ll find the gear shift of the automatic Tiptronic S transmission, begging to handle the Porsche with all the care of the world.
Seats, windows and exterior mirrors are electrically adjustable; all options at the time. The same goes for the Climate Control, Alarm Class 3, central door lock system with remote control (also for the alarm) and the on-board computer. The car will be delivered including full maintenance history, original documentation and two keys. The regular inspection is valid until September 2018.


Finally, the crucial part of this particular 993: the driving. Whoever can’t resist the huge temptation (we do understand like no-one else) and dares to take the immaculate Carrera S for a spin, will use the same VarioRam engine as the Targa version has. The typical noise of the 3.6 liter flat-six boxer engine sound like music to your ears. The last air-cooled Porsche delivers 285 hp and a torque of 340 Nm. But much more important than these numbers is the way the 993 Carrera S makes you feel after flooring the gas pedal. Altogether, there’s no doubt that this is one of the most popular Porsches ever built. Especially this truly rare and magnificent looking classic. So, what are you waiting for?

Kind regards,
Prins Classics

Climate control
Alarm system
Becker radio/navigation system
Electric adjustable front seat
Leather furnishing
Leather dashboard
Leather door panels
Alloy wheels
Sliding roof