Rolls-Royce Corniche

Rolls-Royce Corniche

6.8 Convertible | Stunning condition | Perfect history
Factory Color
75.622 km

Rolls-Royce Corniche 6.8 Convertible

This Rolls-Royce gives you wings. Driving with the feeling that you’re running on air instead of asphalt, is even better with the wind gliding gently through your hair. It’s made for it, this exceptionally beautiful and comfortable Corniche Convertible in excellent condition!
Icing on the cake is the fact that this is a genuine English classic: a car that no modern machine can beat when it comes to pure class. Built in the right color, with the right interior and in an overall shape that will keep the world’s biggest critics quiet. Corniche is the new magic word for those who enforce respect in style. Suitable for 5 people… At the same time!

Maintenance & history

A lot can be said about this specific Rolls, which was newly delivered in Los Angeles to a successful lawyer. A pile of invoices is enclosed. But there’s more than ‘just’ a perfect maintenance, fulfilled by Huisman in Apeldoorn and afterwards by Ferrari Maserati Munsterhuis. The Corniche didn’t need much maintenance though when it was possessed by the 1st Dutch owner since February 20, 1990. The car was only used for family trips during Easter. Dry storage prevented the car from suffering while standing still.
The 2nd owner and his family as well owned several Ferraris, so a switch to Munsterhuis seemed more logical for future services back then. The owner himself however, someone who was well-known in the old-timer and classic world, didn’t made it to the switch. He died in 1997 at the age of 72, behind the wheel of his Testarossa which was bought at Kroymans. On the same day, Michael Schumacher delivered Ferrari their first Monaco F1 win in 16 years. How this family inherited Corniche finally came into the hands of the third and most recent owner, has everything to do with bankruptcy.

Interior & exterior

Once upon a time, the Corniche Convertible had “Silver Shadow” in its model designation. The reason was obvious: the Mulliner Park Ward Drop-Head Coupé, as the 2-door convertible was called before 1971, is based on that model. Indeed, the Corniche is long enough to be seen as a limousine. In addition, the similarities with the Silver Shadow are very clear. Nevertheless, the appearance of the open version is of an unparalleled level. A true crown jewel. Or in other words, Corniche.
This specific version contains a body color composed on request, named: Special ICI Jaguar Old English White. That L.A. lawyer really knew what he was talking about! The Beige leather upholstery and headlining are a perfect match. The Cumberland Stone floor carpets and characteristic wood inlays contribute to the feeling of pure luxury inside the ultimate “gentleman on wheels". The exterior color of the soft-top is Cream. But it’s the combination that gives the Rolls-Royce a "creamy" and tasteful look. No other car literally has the size of charisma this English classic has! The greatest challenge of the Coachline Painter to add the Red "Fine Lines" completely by hand. This super-luxurious Convertible for 5 individuals, powered by a huge 6.8 liter V8 and topped with classic English charms, has no equal. So the only right question to ask is: what are you waiting for?

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