Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser
FJ40 | F 3.9 6 cil | top condition | ARB Airlocker | Winch
77.927 km

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Toyota has been kind of modest in defining the name of this beautiful 1973 Land Cruiser FJ40. Toyota Fun Cruiser definitely would have been suitable for the classic, cool and winsome all-rounder! Because there’s so much fun about this machine. Partly because of the unadulterated, raw off-road character. The other reason is that this specific one is in immaculate shape! That’s also the reason why we, unlike other 4x4’s, didn’t drive it through a mud bath immediately… We are that impressed by its flawless condition. Truly awesome!


A much appreciated Prins relation established in Italy, notified us of the existence of this special Japanese car. After hearing the name Toyota Land Cruiser, we were questioning the likeability. How did we supposed to see such a car between our Italian and British beauties? Well, now we know. Because what the FJ40 has in common with other Prins Classics is its pure nature. The Land Cruiser alias Fun Cruiser is all about authenticity and guarantees a huge smile on your face while running on the asphalt – and especially when leaving it. That’s why the Toyota belongs to us!
The bodywork of this gorgeous terrain master was completely repainted a few years ago in a - in our opinion - perfectly fitting color. In addition, a winch and a real ARB Air Locker were mounted: a professional locking differential for some serious off-road adventures!


The Toyota Land Cruiser is a legend on wheels. The model has been on the market since 1951. When the Americans introduced their iconic Jeep during the war, the Japanese were inspired and determined to design a comparable SUV. The fact that we can barely count the number of series Toyota has built of the Land Cruiser, tells us that its image is just as indestructible as the car itself. Moreover, the fundament always remained the same: being the most reliable, powerful partner for exploring and overcoming unpaved terrains!


This splendid FJ40 is a 3rd series Land Cruiser, but it’s based on the 1st generation - also known as the "primal model". This puts the Prins Classic close to the original from 1951. The petrol (F) version of the J40 has the newer 3.9-liter 6-cylinder engine with 126 hp. Toyota fitted a low gearing in the Land Cruiser for the first time as well. In 2019 we know how much fun that still causes. Like we said: indestructible!

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