Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Bertone, first owner

In 1972, the previous owner received a substantial travel allowance, which was to fly to Marseille 2 times per week for a couple of months. However, as a true car buff he convinced his boss that the money should go towards a new GTV 2000 and not airline tickets:

Time and again he would drive to Marseille and back with his foot to the floor without ever tiring of the GTV. "It was a fantastic drive and it never once let me down". After that period of intensive use, the Alfa was placed in storage with all the necessary precautions taken. The customer still takes great pleasure from all those memories. But who knows what experiences you will have with this fantastic GTV. It really is a sublime model from the 1st owner and was always maintained in the Netherlands. It is 100% original and is in perfect condition. The bodywork is immense, the paintwork is magnificent, the driver seat has been re-upholstered to its original condition and both the passenger seat and the back seat are still immaculate and original. Also the dashboard is completely intact (no dry cracks) and the headlining looks well and neat. With this beautifully handling GTV, you will be the proud owner of this special Alfa with its distinctive history, while there will hardly be any work in store for you.