Flaminia GT road trip to Sweden

Christer is feeling pleased with himself. He almost bought a Lancia Appia Zagato, were it not for the fact that the Italian on Sicily had a change of heart at the last moment. After which, his gaze then fell on a Flaminia GT. A magnificent car that was still relatively affordable. He found a complete, original Flaminia GT 2.5 3C from the first owner in our showroom. A viewing eventually became a pleasant stay of 4 days and a road trip to Sweden in a stunning vintage Italian car.

Besides my love for the Porsche 356 and Bentley Continental S3 from 1964, I also have a fondness for vintage Lancias. They were revolutionary cars in their day. The brand used advanced technology that is still widely applied today. As a true car buff, you can't help but have respect for the brand.

On my journey to find a beautiful vintage Lancia, I almost bought a Lancia Appia Zagato coupé from an Italian on Sicily. The deal was sealed and my ticket would have been booked were it not for the fact that the owner realised at the last moment that he could not let it go.

Looking for more information about the Appia, the Lancia Flaminia GT, a stunning coupé with a Touring Superleggera chassis, happened to catch my eye. A car that is still to this day fairly underappreciated and shall probably see its value increase in the future. A simple search on Google for 'Lancia Flaminia GT for sale', eventually resulted in a visit to PrinsClassics in the Netherlands.

They had a complete, original Flaminia GT 2.5 3C with a beautiful past. The car immediately made such a good impression already on-line that I straightaway picked up the phone. Encouraged by the number of beautiful photos on the website and the pleasant telephone call, I promptly booked my flight to Holland. And when I got to Nunspeet, there before my eyes was a complete authentic model. There was no doubt in my mind, I just wanted to get behind the wheel and take off back to Sweden. But as the car had just been brought in, and had not been used for a long time, the guys at Wim Prins insisted that they be afforded the opportunity to ensure that it was technically in tiptop condition. This was a 4-day job but I didn't mind waiting around. I immediately felt part of their close family. Wim Prins and his staff were very hospitable. Moreover, they were not only fair but also extremely professional.